Timelapse is the perfect way to capture the progress of your construction project.

Our second-to-none systems provide benefits at all stages of your project, from capturing milestone moments to providing site monitoring and updating clients and investors. Having a complete record of your project allows you to revisit any stage of your build.

We can tailor a package to suit your needs, whether you wish to purchase a time-lapse system that you can take to your future projects or rent a system to capture the job at hand.


Our stand-alone units are housed in weather-proof enclosures and utilise solar power and 4g connectivity for complete remote system control and access to your images.

As part of our complete service, we monitor your system to ensure you have peace-of-mind that your system is always performing at its best. We perform site visits as required to ensure the lens is clear and perform angle changes as your project progresses. We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free solution to your time-lapse needs.

Whether you rent or purchase a system we ensure it will reliably capture your project for years to come.


From site inspections through to negotiations with building owners and body corporates, we offer a complete time-lapse installation service to ensure your project is captured from the best possible angle.

Our highly-trained and fully-insured team can install cameras in hard-to-reach locations in a non-invasive manner. We have mounted cameras on some of the tallest buildings in Melbourne, through to greenfield sites proving we can find a solution to fit any project.


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