Drones are a convenient and cost effective way of capturing aerial footage. Operating at heights up to 125m, they provide the ability to fly low to capture great footage.

They are often used in combination with our compact cinematography offering to provide a comprehensive and affordable video solution.

Our team stay up-to-date with the regulations around the use of drones and will ensure all the necessary processes are in place to work to achieve the desired results.


Cloud 9’s compact camera system is the perfect intermediary between drones and premium cinematography.

This service allows us to fly our stabilised 4K camera on smaller helicopters, achieving truly stunning footage at a reasonable cost. The ability to fly longer runs at higher elevations makes our compact camera system ideal for large sites that are outside of a drone’s capabilities.

This system opens up endless possibilities to add aerial cinematography to your project without the price tag associated with traditional aerial cinematography platforms.


For projects that demand only the very best, our premium service offers top-of-the-line cameras such as Red and Sony with a wide range of lens choices, to produce cinematic sequences that leave you in awe.

These systems require the use of larger helicopters which deliver the benefits of longer flight times and additional space for production crew or a still photographer. As such they are more costly, but cannot be beaten for quality.


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