Cloud 9’s aerial foundations were built using tethered blimps, and they remain a core component of our aerial platforms today.

Being a tethered, lighter-than-air platform, blimps allow us to capture imagery including precise level views and panoramas, almost anywhere. As blimps are not restricted by the same populous area regulations imposed on drones, our airship gives us a versatile platform that allows us to operate in the central business districts, at events or almost any other site.

This platform is ideal for capturing prospective views prior to construction, making it an important marketing tool for off-the-plan developments.


Whether capturing still photography or video footage, Cloud 9’s range of drones allow us to access areas a helicopter or mast truck can’t reach.

Ranging from compact drones, perfect for asset inspection or operations in confined spaces, through to our class leading Microdrone MD4-1000 with its 36 megapixel camera and a variety of lenses, Cloud 9 has a drone to suit your image capture requirements.

We have held our Civil Aviation Safety Authority RPA operator’s certificate since 2013 and hold night operations and separation instruments. All our operators hold their Remote Pilot Licence and we carry $20 million public liability insurance for all operations. We believe in safety first, and hold an impeccable safety record.


Full size aircraft, such as helicopters and light aircraft, allow us to capture large areas from a great height. This means you can showcase your site and highlight landmarks and other amenities within close proximity.

Helicopters deliver excellent results within the CBD and metro areas, allowing us to reach heights of 500ft and above. They provide precise maneuverability and clear views, perfect for pinpointing your project within the imagery.

For higher elevations, or projects a little further afield, light aircraft allow us to achieve heights of up to 10,000 ft. As they allow us to fly faster and higher, we’re able to offer very competitive pricing and no project is too big or small.


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