What are your prices?

Due to the large variety of services we offer most clients require a customised quote. Please get in touch via the contact us page with your creative requirements and we will respond with a quotation.

Do you offer package pricing?

We sure do, whether you need helicopter aerials and ground photography or a timelapse system and construction progression photography we can customise a package price for you to help fit within your budget.

How do I place an order?

Please complete the ‘contact us’ form on our website. Alternatively, feel free to call our office number and one of our friendly admin team will be able to assist.

Do you work on weekends?

We can work on weekends when required. Penalty rates apply, please contact us for a quote.

Can I order photography that is outside of Melbourne?

Yes, we can capture imagery wherever you require. Please contact us for a customised quote including travel costs.

What information do I need to provide to place a booking?

A detailed brief of your requirements, deadline, location and property boundaries outlined (if required).


What is aerial photography?

Aerial photography is images captured above the ground. We use a range of methods to capture the images including helicopter, drones, blimps, cherry pickers and elevated timelapse cameras, fixed wing planes.

How many images do you receive?

It depends on the service you engage us in. Please enquire along with your request for a quote.

How long do you keep the original files for?

We archive all of our images on an offsite server.

What sort of equipment do you use?

We use the latest professional equipment available including Nikon, Canon, DJI and Sony cameras.

How quick is the turn around of images?

Our business relies heavily on the weather. Melbourne’s weather can be very problematic and frustrating at times. We always work to get the required images that will yield the best results within the allocated time frame. Our general turnaround time for ground, lifestyle, helicopter aerials and drone imagery once captured is the next business day. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, it may take a little longer than usual, however we will keep you informed as to any delays that may occur.

Compiling panoramas is a longer process, again, you will be updated as to when your individual project will be completed.

How do you deliver the images?

For most imagery, images are uploaded onto a web delivery platform that can be accessed by a private link. For videos and larger projects, a Hightail link containing the files will be emailed to you. The images may be posted on a hard disk on request.


Do you edit and supply complete video?

Yes we can edit and produce video footage. Our team can work with you to create a brief, capture the imagery and complete the post production to deliver a video to suit your requirements.

Can footage be captured from helicopter?

We utilise various camera options to capture video imagery from helicopters. The chosen platform will depend on your project and budget requirements.


What is the frequency of the image capture?

Image capture frequencies are variable. It can be tailored to suit your individual project requirements.

Where can we mount a timelapse camera to capture our project?

A member of our team can visit you on location to conduct a site inspection, we work with you to determine the ideal vantage point/s as well as method to install our system that suits the requirements of your project.

Do we need to run data/power to the camera?

The system is fully stand-alone, solar powered and 4G enabled, it can be mounted virtually anywhere there is mobile network coverage and sunlight.

How can i view the images the camera captures?

We provide you with a link to your own password protected image gallery webpage, from here you can view the images as they’re taken and download the JPEG files in high resolution allowing you to monitor your project from anywhere in the world.


Do you have insurance?

Our public liability insurance covers us for up to $10 million and $20 million for use of the drone.

Are there any restrictions when flying the drone?

We abide by the CASA rules and regulations when operating our drone and blimp. A detailed safety analysis is conducted prior to acceptance of the project. Our pilots reserve the right to reject projects if they deem them to be unsafe.

For safety reasons, we must not operate our drones in wind speeds greater than 20 knots or in wet weather conditions. There are restrictions within the CBD, airport zones and populous areas – a permit may be required.

How high can you fly the drone and blimp?

We can fly up to 400ft (approx. 120m) with our drone, higher heights subject to CASA area approval. The blimp height varies and is subject to the location.

Who owns the photographs?

‘First party’ image licences entitle a client to use the photography for all their own direct purposes but not to extend that usage to a third party without referring them to the photographer to negotiate specific image licences or reproduction fees.


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