your vision.

Cloud 9 Creative are visual storytellers and leaders in content creation. They bring extensive experience and superior skills to the art and technology of image production.

The Big Picture.
Cloud 9 Creative has been capturing content creation since 2006. Since then, our journey is centred around storytelling excellence.

We are a full-service photography and videography studio, with state-of-the-art equipment, imaging technology and production facilities, where we create and deliver content of the highest quality.
A team of 11 dedicated in-house professionals working in an environment where creativity and technical mastery come together. We pride ourselves on our innovative and unique approach to deliver compelling and meaningful content in a visual narrative that is authentic and true.

We take the time to understand your vision and goals and work collaboratively with you to convey your message, where your story takes centre stage.
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What we do.

Cloud 9 Creative specialises in a wide range of high-quality photography and videography services across all platforms, for our clients. Our highly skilled and enthusiastic creatives are story tellers in the art of powerful conceptualisation. We are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, creating engaging content that connects with your target audiences. Quality and stunning visual creations are at the heart of everything we do to complete the big picture.

Using the very latest technology and professional equipment, we offer end-to-end content creation for all your photography and video needs, which allows us to produce captivating content that is on point. Whether it’s video, photography, timelapse or a combination of all our services, we deliver the best outcome for your narrative. Different projects require different methodologies, and we have a team of highly skilled expert photographers and videographers to bring all creative visions to life. Ranging from aerials, drones, panoramas, promotional videos, to timelapse or LED wall displays, we have you covered. Speak to our friendly team to find out more about our services and how we can capture and deliver your next project.
From the Air.
We offer professional image capture across Melbourne and beyond. We specialise in all forms of high-quality aerial content, whether it be stills or motion video, and utilise a large variety of platforms ranging from drones, helicopters, and planes, through to our custom blimp. Our team are passionate creatives with a wealth of technical agility. Experience is crucial to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved, and time and time again, we’re trusted to deliver results.
From the Ground.
Our experienced and creative team perform just as well on the ground as in the air. Whether your brief is large or small, we work with our clients to ensure that we capture exceptional imagery with video, dynamic timelapse, still photography and beyond, to communicate your message, all using the latest state-of-the-art sound, video and lighting equipment.
For the Long Term.
Since 2008, our timelapse cameras have been deployed on well over 500 projects. We offer a fully managed turn-key solution. If you have a requirement to capture your project, we will handle everything from installation, management, and maintenance to video production.
From the Studio.
Our talented in-house team have the skills and creativity to take on any project. We fuse both our creative skills and technical expertise, utilising the latest systems and hardware, to create high-quality edits. We can manage any type of editing; ranging from stitching complex panoramas to creating compelling corporate, construction or educational videos, just to name a few.